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November 27, 2012
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Holding your breath for a moment you step out of your house and land on thick snow. “Gosh! I hate it!” you fuss as you walked on the snow. You held up the skates in your hand slowly moved forward.  It was winter night and the sky was dark and the street was lighted up by dim lights. You sneaked out from your front yard and headed for the streets. “Ice skating, here I come!”


In the midst of the snow covered forest was the frozen lake. You rushed to the lake in a more galumph way. You quickly put on your (f/c) skates and stumbled to stand in a balance. You tried to walk a few steps closer to the lake and with a stupendous thud you land on your butt. “Ow!” you said, whose tone and attitude certainly didn’t suggest a shred of embarrassment probably because you’re alone. But a light chuckle quickly caught your attention.


You turned your head in all your directions but found no one. You tried to stand up a couple of times but the killing snow below dampened you. You fell several times and finally you stood up, a little bent, constantly trying to make a balance when you hear the unforgettable laugh again. You quickly take off the skates and put on your (f/C) shoe.  “This time you’re it for, whoever you are!” your screamed echoed throughout the surrounding. And then you hear footsteps, closing up behind and instantly you spin around and find…. No one!


“Come out coward! Show yourself!” you scream once again and the echoes go down the forest gorge. The wind whooshed in a loud noise as if trying to speak to you. The trees shake and so do you. The moon slowly peeped just in time to see you miserably fighting the cold. Then this time the footsteps were closer and when you had the right chance you quickly spin and find two bright blue eyes sparkling with conjuring amusement.


“Who the hell are you?” A question of inflexion; your voice was unfamiliar. The boy smirked. You examined him; hair that looked like it soaked up moon beams, eyes deep as ocean of emotions, face pale yet smooth and a smile which looked some-what enchanting.


You backed off at once. “Who are you?” the boy asked in a playful yet serious voice. “I asked you first!” you scoffed.  He looked at you more closely, maybe only an inch away from your face. You looked him right in the eye fearlessly and got lost in it. Discovering that you were mentally absent, the boy asked rather in a joyous tone “So… You’re gonna tell me your name?”


You snap out at once and glared at the boy. “You really have pretty eyes….” The boy smiled. This probably made your cheeks turn into instant red but then you kerfuffle “I don’t take flatteries….” “Oh, no…. It’s not. Your (e/c) eyes are truly are beautiful. And the curve on your smile really touched me.” You were getting red by every word that made its way out of his lips.


You crossed your arms before your chest and frowned. “Well, anyway…. Let me call you Angel… Best I can you to describe you….” The boy said with a feeble laugh. “You are such a fulsome person, you know that?” was all that came
out of your throat.

The boy fixed a gaze at you and looked squarely at you for a moment. Feeling rattled, you shambled. Just then he grabbed you wrist and hold you, like as if he was never going to let go. To a strong grip like his; your wretched attempt to take back your hand was useless.


You turn to him. “Ok…Fine…..I’m (y/n)” you huffed. Suddenly you realize a smile lit upon the boy’s face. “Who are you?” you asked solemnly. “Believe me, you won’t believe me…” he said in a light tone. Finding your hand on his you take it away from him. “I told you mine. Tell me yours” you said in a calm manner. “Well….”


“I’m Jack Frost.” A gust of wind hit you right at your face, blowing away your (h/c) hair. A sudden hush of awkwardness and constraint fell on you.


Then you blinked your widened eyes and observe him carefully. Blue sweat shirt with flakes of frost sown around and brown sweat pants. Trailing down you find bare foot. It didn’t really amuse you, because there probably many people who can walk on snow barefoot. You take out a breath and let out a sigh. The boy, best to call him Jack, smirked and winked at you.


“Jack Frost, it was nice meeting you but I’ve gotta go.” You said as you turned to leave. “I told you that you wouldn’t believe; well guess I have to prove it.” A whisper of wind echoed in your ears. You turned back and find he wasn’t there or maybe he was floating 5 feet higher than you. Your eyes open wide in shock but you swear yourself to not to act wild. He slowly floated down and picked up a wooden stick lying on the snow. “Now do you believe?”


“So what if you have powers of levitation? That doesn’t make you the real Jack Frost” you reply coldly. You remember all the fake stories you learned from books about him. “You mean to say ‘Jack Frost’ is a myth?” he asked.                       “Obviously”


“You know, that really hurt here.” He said moving circular rotation with his icy finger on the left of his chest. Ignoring the fact, you move on. “Wait (y/n)”he cried “Please stay.” You turned to him and saw his face hung with a discomfited sadness. With a sudden whoosh of the wind, you feel a hand around your waist. “Please stay.” You recognized him. Though you know the truth, you eventually ignore it. “Prove it!” you asked dramatically.


“Sure! Anything for you, Angel!” You blush hard while he slowly picked up your foot and took of your shoe. You didn’t say anything; you rattled. He gently put on your ice skates on your feet as you caught his shoulder. After he was done, he slowly rose and wrapped his one arm around you and the other slipped in your hand. You put your free hand on his shoulder and slowly you float from the ground with him. A sudden chill of excitement ran down your spine, but as promised you didn’t let it out.


The two of you were in the air, dancing like a bride and groom. The sweet smell of wind found its way to your breath. He caught you so tightly yet lightly that it actually made you want to dance. Your smile spread across your face as he danced with you in the air. The moon beams lighted up the scene and it looked enchanted; magical. You laughed with and danced along without any fear of a falling.

 Suddenly you noticed his stick was gone. “Where’s your stick?” you asked. He smiled and turned his face down at the ground. You followed him and turned down and then a big surprise hit you.


“Your eyes are so beautiful and so are you…” was craved on the snow and the stick right beside it.

.:This is my first XReader so please tell me how it is... If you want me to continue I request you to write it in the comment box:.

This is my first Xreader! Just watched Rise of the guardians yesterday! I'm Frostbitten too! Jack Frost~ sexiest! :iconjackfrost1plz:


Thank you for 100+ favorites and 1200+ views! :icontearyguyplz:

Cha~2= Here it is! [link]
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